J. Cole: The 10 Best Features

Having been fans of J. Cole since late 2007, we have ultimately been following the North Carolina rapper for about a decade. Over those years, the Dreamville emcee has evolved into one of the biggest stars in the rap game. He exploded onto the scene with phenomenal mixtapes and has achieved commercial success, including going platinum with no features. As a result of J. Cole’s accomplishments, we have compiled a list of some of the emcee’s best features. Check out all ten below:

  1. Bas – Lit (feat. J. Cole)

2. Jay – Z – A Star is Born (feat. J. Cole)

3. Cozz – Knock the Hustle (Remix) [feat. J. Cole]

4. Bas – Night Job (feat. J. Cole)

5. Big Sean – 24K of Gold (feat. J. Cole)

6. Kanye West – Looking For Trouble (feat. J. Cole)

7. Lil Wayne – Green Ranger (feat. J. Cole)

8. Miguel – All I Want Is You (feat. J. Cole)

9. Jeremih – Planez (feat. J. Cole)

10. Beautiful Bliss (feat. J. Cole)









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