Album Review: “Genesis” by Domo Genesis

Domo Genesis has found his way…

Just as his mother described him at birth, Domo Genesis’ debut album Genesis is “something special”. If you have not heard of this Californian rapper, he is a former member of the group Odd Future, which includes Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, and Earl Sweatshirt, and more. Overall, the album Genesis explores themes of dreams and challenging oneself to be best version of what he or she can become. It has a groovy vibe to it, and is a pleasure to listen to.

“Awkward Groove”

The opening song to a debut album has to be just right. It introduces the listener to the artist’s sound and the concept for the album as a whole. With “Awkward Groove”, Domo Genesis shows us his inner self. He references his mother immediately, and, shortly after, discusses his affinity for smoking marijuana. Overall, both of these components are heavy influences in the album.

“One Below”

This track easily could have served as the album’s opener as well. It is soulful, beautiful, and powerful. Domo touches on the idea of feeling lost and how that led him to become the man that he is today. He captures this notion in a unique way by reinforcing his lyrics with words from an important person in his life. The song includes a monologue from Genesis’ mother, who has sung back-up vocals for Snoop Dogg and Ice-T. When listening to his mother speak for the first time, it was special, and each time afterwards it still gives that effect. In an interview with Sway in the Morning, Domo Genesis referenced it as “the hardest line [he] ever heard in [his] life“. That sentiment is shared, particularly from being able to feel the deep love and affection that Domo’s mother has for her son.

“Wanderer” feat. Tay Walker

“Wanderer” is another beautiful song. It serves as a light, dreamy, and thoughtful track. Domo Genesis’ lyrics, in combination with the vocals from Tay Walker, give the listener that feeling of pure content. The world that spins and spins comes to a standstill and everything is okay. The song is warm and colorful, and is a perfect track for the album.

“Questions” feat. Dash & Kendra Foster

If there is one word to describe this track, it would be introspective. Domo Genesis asks himself important questions revolving around his commitment to his craft as a rapper and if he can truly serve as a spokesman for his audience, which is an inner struggle that artists such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar have also expressed in tracks like “False Prophets” and “FEEL.” respectively.

“My Own” feat. JMSN

On this track, Domo Genesis switches up his flow a bit, but continues his overall message of dreams, faith, and belief in oneself. It is arguably as introspective as “Questions” is, with Domo rapping the lyrics “the way to figure out the world is with knowledge itself / And with that knowledge I just went out and got it myself”. It is clear from this point in the album that Domo Genesis is an individual who knows himself and what he stands for. His music is from a place of understanding, which allows the listener to hear from a wise individual and polished artist, and therefore makes listening to the album interesting.

“Go (Gas)” feat. Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, & Tyler, The Creator

The overall sound of this song is different than what the album has given to this point. Wiz Khalifa, famed pot head and weed enthusiast, opens up the track and raps some witty bars about smoking marijuana. Tyler the Creator, with his particular Odd Future sound, also plays a large role, along with Juicy J. The track is a fun listen and could be a typical track that people bump when inhaling cannabis fumes.

“Coming Back” feat. Mac Miller

Woah! This song is smooth. Mac Miller’s hook is clever and catchy, and has the listener feeling ready to sing along to every word. In addition, the thump of the bass in the song has a perfect bounce to it, and Domo Genesis’ vibes on the track are infectious. It is difficult not to shake your head in approval, or simply bop your head up and down to the beat. This track is spectacular.

“Faded in the Moment” feat. Cam O’bi

It is incredible that Domo Genesis can follow up “Coming Back” with “Faded in the Moment”. Not only is the instrumental produced exquisitely, but Domo Genesis also compliments the beat perfectly. Each track is ideal for Domo, and allows him to “explode” on the track, just as he mentions in this song. It is certainly a song that the listener can nod, snap fingers, and say “yeah” to.


“Dapper” feat. Anderson .Paak

Oh my goodness! This track shall forever serve as the smoker’s anthem. “Dapper” is unbelievably creative, enjoyable, and dance-inducing. Tory Lanez, Domo Genesis, and those that contributed to making this song should be applauded for their efforts. This track hit the gold mine.


Fun fact – Domo Genesis’ name comes from two things; Domo is short for Dominique and the name genesis comes from the Sega Genesis console. The latter part comes to mind when hearing the videogame like sounds that reverberate throughout this track. Overall though, Domo continues to hammer home is theme of dreams and making them a reality, particularly when discussing that he promised God that he would never work at a “nine-to-five” job.

“All Night” (feat. King Chip)

This is likely the most dream-chasing sounding sound on the album, which says a lot. Domo Genesis raps about how he sleeps and dreams all night. It is inspiring to the listener, and speaks to that inner dreamer in all of us. We all want something in life, and Domo Genesis is simply not shying away from telling the world he wants something as well. So much so, that he dreams about it throughout the late night.

“Lost and Found”

Domo Genesis wraps up his powerful riding-around-the-city-while-dreaming-big-dreams-album with “Lost and Found”. As he states on this final track, and how we all are in life, he raps that he is simply trying to “find [his] way”.


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