2Pac Is Not Dead; The Legend Is Alive Within Us

Who is Tupac Shakur?

The music and interviews say one thing. The documentaries and the media might say another.

There were those who only accepted his self-adorned label as being a thug and an outlaw. Others viewed him as a leader, visionary, and an icon.

If there was one undeniable characteristic of Tupac Shakur, he was passionate. The All Eyez on Me emcee did everything he could to live his life the way he felt he should live it. This included rapping about the issues plaguing the black community, which speaks to the influence of his mother, who was a black panther. In addition, it also involved his record label, Death Row Records, getting mixed with drugs and a dangerous group of gangs.

Overall, when it comes to the level of ignorance and lack of compassion that is displayed by those involved in gang-related activities, there should always be some level of awareness. Even to ignorance, there should be a certain level of respect. Albeit, Tupac’s life was taken, and till this day we do not know for certain who killed him.

Supposedly dead and gone though, there is still a sense that the rapper is not truly gone.

After his tragic death in 1996 at the age of 25, fans began posting theories that the rapper was still alive. This conspiracy has continued on for years, and it still goes on today. Some even suggesting that Shakur went into hiding in Cuba, such as how Kendrick Lamar suggested in his song, “Element”, off his album Damn.

From a realistic standpoint, some of these theories are absurd. However, if one is to be truly genuine about this situation, it does seem a bit strange, in terms of the overall manner in which Tupac passed.

Before his death, Shakur released All Eyez on Me, with songs referencing themes of the afterlife and resurrection. In addition, the spiritual elements that likely exist in the physical world could be a factor when it comes to Tupac.

For example, Kendrick Lamar once claimed that Tupac came to him in a dream, saying that Kendrick should not let his music die. To some, this may seem to be impossible, but spirituality is something that nobody can truly dismiss; nobody knows what’s on the other side.

In the end, it is not certain whether or not the emcee is still alive somewhere. It is possible that he still exists spiritually.

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With his music still being relevant, especially as it relates to artists such as Joey-Bada$$ and Kendrick Lamar, and documentaries that are soon to be released, there is one thing that cannot be denied.

If not spiritually, the legend of Tupac Shakur still lives, even in 2017.

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