What Does an Isaiah Rashad Concert Feel Like?

It is one thing to read about someone or hear something. However, it is another thing entirely to experience something.

Isaiah Rashad’s Lil Sunny Tour is an experience.


Every single moment of the concert, Isaiah Rashad engaged the audience. He poured his soul out to the fans in every song and made it to a point to interact with individual people in the crowd. It was clear that he wanted everyone to have a good time. In fact, even before he officially came on stage, he surprised his fans in a myriad of ways.

While those of us who purchased meet and greet tickets were casually waiting in line and not paying much attention, Rashad secretly entered through a gate with a burgundy hoodie over his head. Right when he said what’s up and we saw who it was, everyone in line went crazy. The TDE artist had walked right in front of me while I was looking down at my phone, and I still hadn’t noticed. Also, he even went out of his way to surprise people who bought regular admission tickets that we were waiting outside in the line. Clever and gracious, Rashad’s down to earth attitude shows that he is a man of the people.

During the performance, it felt like everyone in the crowd was having a good time; the atmosphere was unlike anything I’ve seen at a concert. People were singing almost every lyric to every song, leaping into the air during certain tracks, and women were literally screeching when Rashad sung his verses. Then, when GoldLink, another one of RapVineyard’s favorite artists, came on the spot, it felt like that the audience was being treated to the icing on a perfect velvet cake from The Cheesecake Factory, yet there was even more to come.

Rashad was so amped up near the end that he crowd-surfed shirtless, stretching out his hands to the fans and looking like he was enjoying every minute of it as much as we were. When he finally made it back on stage, he proceeded to continue performing, in epic fashion. In the end, when he finally had to go, after having finished performing over a dozen songs, done acapella verses and freestyles, and having met the fans, people were still screaming for an encore.


Looking back, it still amazes me how much emotion and passion Isaiah Rashad displayed that night. The TDE artist is by far one of our favorite artists to listen to, and this concert was a whole new experience.

Overall, we’ve seen Chance. We’ve seen Future. We’ve seen Drake. Yo, we’ve even seen Lebron and Kobe play court side.

When it comes to his music, how he performs at his shows, and how he treats his fans, Isaiah Rashad is up there with the greats, no question.


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