Monthly Come Up: Kweku Collins

Our next Monthly Come Up feature is none other than Kweku Collins. He is relatively unknown by most hip hop heads, but Collins’ talent is undeniable. His most popular song, “Stupid Rose“, is incredibly dope and has a great video to complement it. Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of the song during an upcoming Sound of the Week.

“When we trip, don’t fall / We just drift through air
You can’t see my thoughts / But I can take you there
Vanilla skies in Heaven / Where we can fly forever
Won’t get lost cause / We’re gon’ fly together Vanilla skies forever”

This song really displays the great lyrical ability that Collins possesses. He put together a catchy hook, and his verse complements the song’s tone, along with Taylor Bennett’s verse. Both rappers seem to have a strong synergy on the track that makes the song great to listen to. Also, it is important to mention that even though Collins is a rapper, his singing is also great as well.

“And so I say S.O.S / Crash landed on Mars
On my way to the sun / For Ankhesenamun
For a knock on the wood / For this lucky platoon
For a view and a yard /For a more colorful hue
Somethin so out of the blue”

Frankly, this song is just amazing. Collins’ lyricism is really creative, rapping about him crash landing on Mars and seeing is lucky platoon, and the beat is almost psychedelic; the song overall is just one to relax and vibe to. Collins and Jamila Woods really do a fantastic job together, as it’s almost like the two have been doing music together for ages.

“Walk out to the car, then come back, we rewind
You regroup, I regress, I recoup, we’ll be fine
That’s just me being me, being you, being fine
When my line had a dip. when your line carried mine”

Finally, “The Last” is indicative of Kweku Collins’ sound. Even though the instrumental is sampled from John Mayer’s well known song “Gravity”, Collins still has his own distinct sound that is mature and melodic. He doesn’t sound like any other artists at all and we think that’s what allows him to resonate with his fans.

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