Sound of the Week: “Next Levels” by King Geedorah

“Yo, it’s King Ghidra, combined with the forces of nine ether
Blowing woofers and tweeters, shaking syllable meters
Disaster’s cataclysmic, mystic natural, it’s about time
We hit you with some substance that’s actual”

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this track.

King Geedorah’s “Next Levels” is more than deserving of this week’s Sound of the Week. The song is laced with potent lyricism and exquisite flows that speak to the essence of hip hop. In addition, the jazzy instrumental captures a classic feel that leaves the listener feeling relaxed. The song is one of artistic prowess and chill vibes. Overall, King Geedorah, also known as MF DOOM, does the track justice.

Check out the song below:

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