Throwback Thursdays: “Hip Hop” by Mos Def

“Scrutinize my literature from the large to the miniature
I mathematically administer
Subtract the wack
Selector, wheel it back, I’m feeling that”

Mos Def is one of rap’s most lyrical emcees, and his song “Hip Hop” off of his classic album Black on Both Sides is this week’s Throwback Thursday’s track.

When listening to Mos Def rap, it is hard not to feel the rhythm and poetry that is rap. Mos Def’s wordplay is off the charts and his flow is one that can people can vibe to. These types of rappers, who exhibit dope lyricism, speak to the essence of hip hop and the lyrics in their songs are simply amazing. Clearly, we have high praise for Mos Def’s talents.

Check out his song below:

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