Sound of the Week: “Gangsta Boogie” by Wale featuring Tha Dog Pound

“Balmain the hoody,
Saint Lauren whatever
I been riding since riding the handlebars was nothing
What’s a gangsta to you? Is a crew a fam?
Is a family a crew? Who is you, is a man?”

Wale shook up the summer with this one!

Wale’s song “Gangsta Boogie” featuring Tha Dog Pound is this week’s Sound of the Week. The song, which is off Wale’s Summer on Sunset mixtape, has a catchy hook that is one to have fun with and jam out to, and Tha Dog Pound’s feature on the track gives an interesting perspective on what it means to be a gangsta. When listening to the song, it almost sounds as if Tha Dog Pound is actually Ice Cube rapping, and we all know that Ice Cube is straight-outta-Compton gangsta. In addition, even though Wale’s album overall is a mixtape, it still has a classic Wale sound to it. Therefore, the core fans out there that follow Wale won’t be disappointed.

Check out the song below:

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