Isaiah Rashad Stars in This Week’s Sound of the Week

“I smoke too much, The problems of a twenty-something
I drink too often, there’s liquor pouring from the faucet
You would assume by following the tunes
That I’m doomed to die young, addicted to dry plum”

This week’s Sound of the Week artist is a rapper who has signed to Kendrick Lamar’s Top Dawg Entertainment record label. In his song “Heavenly Father”, Isaiah Rashad discusses some serious topics and keeps it genuine throughout the entire song. Rashad discusses his relationship with the Lord and how the deity seems to not be in direct communication with him. This is emphasized in the song’s hook that repeats “Heavenly Father, why are you so far away?” Also, he talks about how loneliness once led him to harm himself and how it currently leads him to feel frustrated with the issues most common of people his age. We appreciate when rappers connect on a deeper level with their audience, and Rashad does it in one of the most revealing ways. All in all, we found his song more than deserving of this week’s Sound of the Week.

Check out the song below!

If you want more from Isaiah Rashad, check out the rest of his Cilvia Demo album here.

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