Throwback Thursdays: Ahmad’s Remix to “Back in the Day”

“Well, it’s the morning, I figure that now I’m all grown up
Because I’m eighteen years old, and guess you could say I’m holding
Down a steady job and crew steady mobbing
You steady bobbing your head and I’m paid, so I got it made
But, didn’t always have clout, used to live in South Central L.A.”

This track is a classic! It was featured in the trailer for the movie The Wood, and it can take anybody back to adolescent days. Our Throwback Thursday song is Ahmad’s remix to his song “Back in the Day”. Ahmad truly does a great job of delivering vibes for reminiscing of the old days and capitalizing on the beat’s chill sound. Every time we hear this song, it seems as though there is some fond moment in the past that comes to mind.

Check the song out below!

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