Sound of the Week: Lute’s “That’s How It Goes”

“Only God can judge me in her head is what she repeat
Shit, get it how you life shawty, college don’t come cheap
They laying everybody off, it’s hard to make ends meet
Unemployment tripping, rent due in about a week
Told her oldest song “you too old to be rhymin’ beats”
Told her youngest son ‘we too poor to waste time on dreams,
So get up off your ass, find you a j-o-b'”

Storytelling has been instrumental in rap since its inception. We’ve seen it used masterfully in our Throwback Thursday’s Track by Slick Rick in song “Children’s Story”, and we’ve also seen it appear in Common’s famous track, “I Used to Love H.E.R.”. The element of storytelling enables listeners to be engaged about a concept that develops over time, and the North Carolina rapper Lute brilliantly provides that element in his music.

In his track, “That’s How it Goes”, Lute, who has signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville Records label, takes you on a journey of what’s going on in his life. He breaks down the struggles he faced growing up, along with the problems facing him as a rapper. He gives detail on how people tried to steal his shoes as a kid and how his mother told him he was too old to be rhyming over beats.

It is important to mention that Lute’s album cover is an emulation of Nas’ Illmatic cover, and as we all know, Nas is known as one of the greatest storytellers in rap.

Sonically, this track is one to relax and vibe to, so sit back and enjoy!

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