Sound of the Week: Kidaf’s “Nitty Gritty”

“I give em somethin they could feel
You lose in my shoes cause there’s nothin you could fill
The prince of the game and that’s word to Uncle Phil
I be willin to make a killin nigga you know the deal”

Our first ever Sound of the Week is raunchy, filled with dope lyricism, and is almost creepy. Kidaf’s “Nitty Gritty” was recently featured by TeamBackPack and has some incredible lines. The repetitive violin and base sounds create a hypnotic feel that puts the listener in a trance with Kidaf being the hypnotist. His sound blends fantastically well with the instrumentals – this beat was meant for this brother!  In fact, we can’t get the line “my 16’s could add a lesson to your adolescence” out of our heads. Kidaf really shows an ability to have fantastic wordplay and complements that with an epic music video.  He is certainly deserving of this week’s Sound of the Week. Go check him out!

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