Throwback Thursdays: Wale’s “White Shoes”

“Still have them Js for the low, low, and I could get ’em early
But I’m not without a conscience, I see people out there hurtin'”

Wale’s song “White Shoes” from The Album About Nothing is this Thursday’s Throwback Track. The overall concept of the song is simple. Culturally, white shoes represent expense, style and swag – a symbol of class and a higher standard. It goes without saying then that these shoes are greatly coveted by anyone looking for a clean style, so much so that some people rob and commit murder trying to acquire them. In addition, society looks down on people who cannot afford them. This leads to interesting conversations about why certain brand shoes, such as Jordans, are so expensive and worth more than human lives in some tragic cases.

Although Wale wasn’t nominated for a Grammy for this song or his album overall, which he should have, he has a song that we still think is a great listen. The overall message that things are gonna be alright even without white shoes, along with Wale’s deep lyricism and catchy vocals, makes this song worthy of our Thursday’s Throwback Track.

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